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In today’s day and age, there is a wealth of information at your fingertips, there’s almost too much to handle. From celebrity gossip to politics, it seems like everyone is vying for your attention. Whilst our news updates probably won’t ‘break the internet’, or be the top trend on Twitter; we promise they’ll always keep you informed on the latest disposable advancements, so you’re always up-to-date when considering your next purchase.

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Regal News

Our recent rebrand is a poorly kept secret; because after all, what’s the use in a rebrand if nobody sees it? We’re really chuffed with our new look, but like any transformation in life, we didn’t go it alone... Read more

We’re seriously stoked to announce our collaboration with true9; a cutting edge design and development studio who were critical in making our makeover a success. They’re a pretty nimble bunch that instantly integrated with our way of working.

They’ve held a hand out every step of the way for reactionary guidance but more importantly, they were proactive when we didn’t know we needed it most. From the small jobs to the large ones, true9 always offered their two cents; bringing to the table a creative flare and vision for us that fit like a glove.

Here at Regal, we value relationships and we’re not ones to let a good thing go; which is why the work between true9 and ourselves has only just begun. They’ve been instrumental in helping us choose the right path when we reached a fork in the road, redesigning our website and logo to name but a few. It only seems right - with their understanding of our business and your needs as our customers - that we involve them on a much deeper level.

We don’t want to ruin the surprise, but we don’t want you too tense either so we’re writing today to let you know we have much more planned and in the pipeline. True9 are currently designing product packaging to tighten up our warehouse and delivery process, and there’s a riveting online project to come too.

All in all, it’s safe to say that the house of Regal is buzzing with excitement that hopefully you are feeling too. We ask that you join us in raising a glass to our new partners.

Everybody please give a warm welcome, to true9.

The road to royalty

Regal News

What is it that deems someone trustworthy? Is it the kindness of their eyes, or does it stem from tried and tested loyalty? Perhaps it’s both... Read more

Here at Regal, we make big promises; promises we rarely fail to deliver. We know your business means the world to you, and we mean it when we say it means the world to us too. That’s why we thought it was time for a online makeover; to help that finely tuned sixth sense of yours make a wiser informed decision.

Clicking through our website, you may notice that we look a little different. We believed our bark didn’t reflect our bite, so we overhauled our image, catalogue and website to bring us into 2016 with a bang. Gone are the days of painful navigation between products, along with our sheepish personality.

If you’ve dealt with us before, we hope that you’ll find our new style fitting of the service you’ve come to know and love. And if you’re new to Regal, we hope it inspires confidence in you to trust the confidence we have in ourselves. As ever, the answer to your query is a simple phone call away.

Although they say, never judge a book by its cover; it sure does help to make you turn over the page.

Keeping up with the Jones’

Regal News

They say that moving house is one of the most stressful endeavours to embark upon. Fortunately for us, we eat stress for breakfast... Read more

Admittedly our move didn’t involve a cross country transit operation; rather a simple switch from unit 3 to the more generously spaced, unit 2. That’s not very ambitious, we hear you say. Well, we’ve become rather fond of our home town and the sturdy transit links it provides. At Regal, we know that if something isn’t broken, don’t try and fix it, though an upgrade here and there never hurt.

The decision to move was well calculated but ultimately a no-brainer. The lavish amounts of extra space to store more stock is an obvious bonus for us both. The larger our surplus, the more you can order. We’re chuffed to say that the days of the dreaded ‘out of stock’ warning are further behind us than ever before.

Our new premises is also blessed with sunken warehouse doors; a welcomed addition to our delivery team’s process, allowing for faster loading times of products, ensuring punctual delivery to your doorstep. When every minute counts, we’re sure to pull out all the stops to improve, without ever compromising the safety of your order.

As ever, we only adjust our service if we’re dead certain it’s for the better. Change can be scary, but it needn’t be with Regal. We’re sure you’ll be as satisfied as we are with our new home.

The Regal roadshow

Regal News

Today’s modern life takes you down familiar paths and roads unknown; our delivery service is no exemption to the rule either... Read more

At Regal, we treat our products like royalty. And what better way to uphold that philosophy than to provide our products with a carriage fit for a king.

As you know, we recently had a makeover; a complete makeover to be precise. With our newly defined image comes a renewed sense of confidence and an urge to paint the town red. That’s why our Regal vans have been gifted with the same beauty treatment we’ve been so fortunate to receive, and are currently as we speak, flaunting their new look up and down the country.

We’ve mentioned previously how important upholding our appearance is; and we believe that when your next Regal delivery rolls up, you’ll be awash with that same sense of quality and value you’re so greatly accustomed to when browsing our website or chatting with us on the phone.

Whichever road life takes you down next, keep your eyes peeled for one of our vans. We’d love to hear your thoughts, so get in touch via social media.

Regal touchdown with Burtonwood Bridge

Regal News

Sport is a universal language. There’s something for everyone, whether it be football, athletics, tennis or video games; the passions shared by the fans break all borders and language barriers to unite people for a (friendly) competition... Read more

From the big leagues to the Sunday leagues, supporting those who compete for our entertainment is paramount to the sport’s survival.

Here at Regal, we love our rugby. The determination and strength of the players are qualities that inspire us, making us strive to translate those ethics into the work we do. As well as rugby, we love our hometown, and what better way to combine our passions than to sponsor our local rugby team, Burtonwood Bridge ARLFC.

Local rugby is close to our heart, with a member of team Regal being an ex-pro; elevating our partnership above and beyond a simple sponsor. It’s personal.

Take a trip pitch side and you’ll see our logo printed on the shirts of the players. We hope that our crest on their shirt inspires confidence in Burtonwood Bridge the same way they inspire us day to day. If you have a chance over lunch, head over to their website and show some love to those who keep our passions lit.

Safetouch gloves, safe to touch.

Product News

Introducing a brand new addition to the Regal family; the Safetouch Vinyl Glove... Read more

A new addition to any family brews excitement all round. The desire to spread the news to anyone who’ll listen is a natural response to such an occasion. Here at Regal, we have a bit of good news of our own to spread.

Boasting an allergy friendly, totally latex free construction; the Safetouch vinyl glove carries a bearded cuff and silky smooth finish that provides transparent comfort and unparalleled hygiene; making them perfect for use in both kitchens and on the ward.

Powdered with cornstarch, the Safetouch glove is GMO free, delivering a rock solid defence against allergy contamination.

Available too in an array of different colours, (red, yellow green and blue), that make themselves instantly at home in any colour-coded work environment.

Bearing an AQL 1.5 badge of honor and tested to food approval EC1935/2004, pricing begins from a single case, to ensure you get the quantity you need, whether it be one box or a full container.

We think you’ll love our new Safetouch vinyl gloves and they’re ready for instant delivery.

To find out more, call us today on 0151 423 0452 and speak to our on hand sales team.

A warm welcome for SafeWear

Product News

Announcing new product arrivals to our customers evokes in us the strongest of feelings. We feel proud to extend our already expansive catalogue of products to include fresh off the press, SafeWear Coloured Aprons... Read more

Spills and splashes are an inevitability for our customers, so we’re constantly bettering ourselves to try make them a thing of the past.

The beauty of apparel in today’s day and age is the widespread availability of aesthetic choice; which is why our SafeWear Aprons come in a multitude of vibrant colours: white, blue, red, yellow and green.

But we know that an apron needs to be as practical as it is stylish, which is why the SafeWear Apron is 100% chalk free, arming it with the might required to handle any rigorous task you challenge it to undertake.

Ready for delivery flat packed or rolled (685 x 1016mm), with pricing starting from a single case for ordering convenience.

The feedback so far has been astounding, with samples rapidly converting into orders. We can’t wait to hear what you think. To order a sample, give our sales team a buzz on 01514 230452.

Regal came highly recommended to us. They have more than proved their worth to me and my customers. In a world that's becoming so distant and digital, it's thoroughly refreshing to get such a personal touch. They deliver excellent service, competitive pricing and outstanding customer support.

Buyer, Medical Supplies Company

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