About Regal Disposables

From ship to storeroom, it’s regal.

The house of Regal is one that’s built upon a few hardy principles. Principles that we are sure you would agree, make a foundation for a flawless legacy.

23 years ago, Regal opened its doors for trade. From humble beginnings trading on the road, we forged iron relationships with clients, many of whom, we are proud to say, remain by our side to this very day. We have been entrusted to deliver for the cars you drive, the food you eat and the health care you receive. From day one, we gazed far beyond the horizon, with visions of expansion to shores far from our own. After all, an empire knows no boundaries.

Our crest, that we display with pride, has become synonymous of our qualities. A royal seal on any product that lets you know to be expectant of our principles.

Quality, value and honour.

We know you expect quality, and we wouldn’t still be standing if we didn’t deliver. We know you expect value, which is why we relentlessly assess our worth to always remain competitive. And honour, is one for us both. We pride ourselves on our reputation, it’s intrinsic to our name and to tarnish it would bring us immeasurable heartache. But most of all, we go more than the extra mile to honour our promise to you. To deliver what you need, when you need it and of a quality, you deserve.

Behind every name, is a face.

At Regal, we’re more than a team, we’re family. Every one of us is integral to our success and every one of us is equipped with the know‐how to get things done and get them done right.

Here, we operate a no nonsense mantra. From the first phone call, to delivery. Who you see, is who you’ll get. Familiarise yourself with our faces, as it’ll be one of these voices you’ll hear.

Adrian Waugh

Managing Director
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Daniel Crampton

0151 423 9370

Paul Alcock

0151 423 9375

Gary Wood

0151 423 9371

Darren Moorhead

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Carole Scott

Account Manager
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John Mercer

Account Manager
0151 423 9374

James Sheppard

Account Manager
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Hayley Weston

Account Manager
0151 423 9372

George Jowett

Account Manager
0151 556 7523

Faye Jones

Account Manager
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Amber Taylor
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Steven Miskelly

Warehouse Manager


Tanya Fowler

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I have been a customer of Regal Disposables since 2008. With very little knowledge in the beginning, I have mastered my disposables range which has helped me to start a small business which is growing very rapidly. Whenever I require support their staff are very helpful and understand my requirements.

Janitorial Supplies Owner

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From ship to storeroom, it’s regal.