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In today’s day and age, there is a wealth of information at your fingertips, there’s almost too much to handle. From celebrity gossip to politics, it seems like everyone is vying for your attention. Whilst our news updates probably won’t ‘break the internet’, or be the top trend on Twitter; we promise they’ll always keep you informed on the latest disposable advancements, so you’re always up-to-date when considering your next purchase.

Coronavirus - Latest

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The latest reports have indicated that the epidemic caused by 2019-nCoV, a new form of Coronavirus belonging to the same family of SARS, is continuing to spread at a fast pace mainly in China... Read more

Pollution measures in China leave a vinyl glove shortage, updated.

Regal News

In late 2016 the Chinese government enforced pollution regulations on factories throughout Northern China. It was indicated at the time, that measures which saw factories close their doors, would be in place for no longer than... Read more

Waste handling made easy with Regal Disposables


It’s a messy job, but someone has to do it. Waste handling is never the highlight of anyone’s day, but it’s a necessary chore to keep your workplace clean and hygienic... Read more

Easy head to toe protection with our Personal Protective Equipment


Protect yourself from head to toe with our disposable personal protective equipment range which covers every inch of you... Read more

Why you need to use disposable gloves for handling food


When it comes to keeping your hands clean, you can’t get a more convenient or cost effective solution than wearing latex or nitrile disposable gloves... Read more

5 ways our soluble laundry bags will make your life easier


Washing laundry is enough of a chore already – so let’s not make it even worse. Our soluble laundry bags will make your life easier in more ways than one – in fact, here’s 5 ways... Read more

Benefits of our paper towels for your business


Paper towels in the workplace are a pretty common sight, and when it comes to keeping your hands dry it’s between them or an air dryer... Read more

Why your catering company needs our aprons


Aprons are an essential part of infection control and cross-contamination prevention, and in the catering industry they are a very common sight... Read more

5 ways to use our polythene sacks and bin bags


Waste is no laughing matter, and everyone needs a reliable solution for tackling it. That’s where we come in... Read more

Allergic to latex gloves?
We have the answer


An allergy to latex is a serious (but generally not fatal) condition, with symptoms including hives, itching, a stuffy or runny nose, wheezing, chest tightness and breathing difficulties... Read more

The evolution of Personal Protective Equipment


Personal Protective Equipment (or PPE for short) has come a long way since it’s rather primitive beginnings to now being required by law in several industries to keep workers safe and protected... Read more

5 ways to fight bacteria with our antibacterial wipes


You know it’s crucial to maintain a sanitary workspace, whether your work in the food industry, or even in an office. The fight against bacteria is one we know only too well, but if you don’t have much fight... Read more

How Regal Disposables can help you with infection control


Infection control is a hugely important practice whether you work in the healthcare or food preparation industry, and preventative measures such as hand washing, sterilisation and outbreak investigation... Read more

Pollution measures in China leave a vinyl glove shortage.

Regal News

In late 2016 the Chinese government enforced pollution regulations on factories throughout Northern China. As part of the restrictions a 45 day production ban was imposed on some of the worlds major vinyl production plants... Read more

With a little help from our friends...

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Our recent rebrand is a poorly kept secret; because after all, what’s the use in a rebrand if nobody sees it? We’re really chuffed with our new look, but like any transformation in life, we didn’t go it alone... Read more

The road to royalty

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What is it that deems someone trustworthy? Is it the kindness of their eyes, or does it stem from tried and tested loyalty? Perhaps it’s both... Read more

Keeping up with the Jones’

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They say that moving house is one of the most stressful endeavours to embark upon. Fortunately for us, we eat stress for breakfast... Read more

The Regal roadshow

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Today’s modern life takes you down familiar paths and roads unknown; our delivery service is no exemption to the rule either... Read more

Regal touchdown with Burtonwood Bridge

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Sport is a universal language. There’s something for everyone, whether it be football, athletics, tennis or video games; the passions shared by the fans break all borders and language barriers to unite people for a (friendly) competition... Read more

Safetouch gloves, safe to touch.

Product News

Introducing a brand new addition to the Regal family; the Safetouch Vinyl Glove... Read more

A warm welcome for SafeWear

Product News

Announcing new product arrivals to our customers evokes in us the strongest of feelings. We feel proud to extend our already expansive catalogue of products to include fresh off the press, SafeWear Coloured Aprons... Read more

Working with an established brand like Regal is fantastic. In addition to producing quality products, their reliability and efficiency is second to none. It goes without saying that we look forward to continuing our excellent working relationship with them.

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