5 ways our soluble laundry bags will make your life easier


Washing laundry is enough of a chore already – so let’s not make it even worse.

Washing laundry is enough of a chore already – so let’s not make it even worse. Our soluble laundry bags will make your life easier in more ways than one – in fact, here’s 5 ways. Read on for more information on the fantastic benefits of soluble laundry bags and we’ll be standing by the phone waiting for your call when you realise you can’t live without them anymore.

1. Easy to isolate contaminated linens

Our soluble laundry bags have been designed with one main purpose in mind – to prevent cross-contamination between your staff and soiled items. These bags can be loaded with laundry safe in the knowledge that they will not leak or allow any contamination to transfer to clothing or other surfaces. It’s also peace of mind for the owner of the clothing or linen, so no cause for embarrassment which is essential for good patient care.

2. Save time for other tasks

For hospitals and nursing homes where there’s never enough hours in the day and always more work to be done, you need a laundry solution that saves as much time as possible. Simply gather the patient or resident’s laundry and load filled bags into the washing machine and when the wash is done the bag will be completely dissolved – all you have to do is remove and voila! Clean laundry.

3. Economical solution

Cost saving measures will always be in style, so you’ll love these soluble laundry bags as they are a great economical way to isolate, transport and clean contaminated clothes and bedding. Reducing this risk of contamination with worker’s clothing also results in less labour and biohazard disposal costs incurred from a contamination incident.

4. Fully biodegradable, so no harm to the environment

There’s no need to worry that you’re leaving a devastating impact on the environment by your desire for convenience. Our bags are fully dissolvable in hot or cold water, leaving no trace and are non-toxic so cause no harm to the environment.

5. Easy organisation

Our soluble laundry bags are available in multiple colours, so you can easily organise the contents depending on your own internal systems and process. They’re also available in different sizes making light work of even the biggest jobs. Which option do you need? We have soluble strip laundry bags which dissolve in water at 20°C and come in three sizes and four colours, or fully soluble laundry sacks in two colours and two bigger sizes for larger jobs.

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