5 ways to fight bacteria with our antibacterial wipes


You know it’s crucial to maintain a sanitary workspace, whether your work in the food industry, or even in an office.

The fight against bacteria is one we know only too well, but if you don’t have much fight in you don’t worry – it doesn’t take a lot of strength to battle bacteria when you have the right tools at your disposal. The solution? Our disposable antibacterial wipes of course. Here are 5 ways to fight bacteria with our antibacterial wipes at the ready. Germs be gone!

1. Surfaces and equipment

Use our antibacterial wipes to safely clean hard surfaces in the kitchen or any food preparation areas, to carefully sanitise and kill any lingering germs. They’re suitable for fighting bacteria on worktops, drawer fronts, and fridge and freezer doors. When you need to constantly keep your work surface clean, you need a handy disposable solution to come to the rescue, and our wipes are perfect for that.

2. Fridge and microwave handles

One of the areas often overlooked at work when cleaning are the handles of everything. It’s alarming how easy it is to spread bacteria from hand contact surfaces, so stop bacteria in its tracks with these surface disinfectant wipes. A quick swish with our disposable wipes will ensure the areas are clean and hygienic. Use on the fridge and freezer handles, all drawer handles and the microwave, including the inside of the microwave door.

3. Trays

Trays that serve food deserve more than a lacklustre swipe with a damp cloth to clean them – in fact, this process could just be spreading the germs around even more. Clean your trays properly with one of our disinfecting wipes to ensure plates piled with food are sitting on clean and healthy platters.

4. Keyboards

We know that antibacterial wipes are most commonly used in food preparation areas, but every office with a kitchen area should have a ready stock of them. They aren’t just used in the kitchen though – for example, do you know how much bacteria is lurking within the keys of your keyboard? Perhaps you’re better not knowing. Simply wipe your keyboard with one of our antibacterial wipes and we’ll forget this conversation even happened.

5. Desk & chair arm rests

While you’re cleaning your keyboard, give your whole desk area a little TLC and detoxify it. If you are guilty of regularly eating lunch at your desk, then it might as well be a food preparation area, so make sure your desk gets a daily wipe down too before you get stuck into your sandwiches. It wouldn’t hurt to wipe down the arm rests of your chair either - you won’t realise how dirty they get until you go to give them a clean.

Ready to join the fight against harmful bacteria? Order your antibacterial wipes now and get ready to enjoy gleaming, sanitary surfaces everywhere you look. Call us on 0151 423 0452 for more information or to place an order today.

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