5 ways to use our polythene sacks and bin bags


Waste is no laughing matter, and everyone needs a reliable solution for tackling it.

That’s where we come in. We offer lots of different types of sacks and bags for all applications, so you can be sure we’ll have one for your needs. Not sure where to start? Here’s 5 ways to use our polythene sacks and bin bags to tackling rubbish and get the job done.

1. General waste disposal

The humble black bin bag is no stranger to any home or business, and despite your waste control efforts you’ll never be able to be completely 100% waste-free. Make sure you have a stock of black refuse sacks on hand to tackle day to day rubbish and keep your place of work looking neat and tidy. Choose from light duty versions for offices or environments where there’s low risk of contamination, or heavy duty bags for messier waste. All you need now is a rota for who’s turn it is to empty the bins.

2. Make sorting recycling easier

Separating your papers from your plastics? In some cases, having different coloured bin liners to go with your different coloured bins in the kitchen can make light work of sorting your recycling. Allow us to help with our range of clear and coloured refuse sacks, designed specifically for selective waste collection, and perfect for both domestic and commercial use.

3. Keep your wheelie bins clean and hygienic

If a bin bag splits inside your wheelie bin, it can be a tiresome and awkward job to clean it. You need to bleach it out and get the hose inside to scrub it – how frustrating. Reduce the need for this by lining your wheelie bin with one of our bin liners designed to perfectly fit all types and sizes of wheelie bins. We even have heavy duty versions for extended durability. This way, if you have a split bag, all you need to do is replace the bin liner and that’s the job done.

4. Safe disposal of incontinence products

For the health care sector, disposing of incontinence products must be done safely, hygienically and with dignity, so our standard and adult nappy sacks are perfect. They can be used both at home and on the go, and are intentionally coloured to disguise the content. They also come with tie handles to make them even more hygienic and convenient to use.

5. Landscaping waste

When it comes to landscaping or construction waste you need a solution that’s heavy duty, tear-resistant, hard wearing and durable; in other words, you need our rubble sacks. These disposable bags are ideal for those heavy-duty jobs in landscaping, DIY or building uses, and have been designed to cope with the toughest and heaviest of clean up jobs. Fill them with rubble, bricks, sand or shale – we’re confident you won’t be disappointed with the quality.

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