Benefits of our paper towels for your business


Paper towels in the workplace are a pretty common sight, and when it comes to keeping your hands dry it’s between them or an air dryer.

There have been countless debates on which is the better option when it comes down to paper or electric dryers, and the results have found that hand dryers just project more germs around a room, so paper is your best bet for keeping it squeaky clean. But which is right for you? Here’s a few benefits of our paper towels for your business, so you get the right product for your business needs.

High absorption

Choose between our range of paper towels for the right absorbency for your needs – do you need a solution that tackles heavy duty cleaning? Maybe you just need a solution for drying your hands quickly and being on your way. We have answers to both. One thing you can be certain of though is that our products are always the best quality, so you won’t have to resort to drying your hands on your jeans as you leave the restroom.


Whether you need paper towels for your staff canteen, your catering kitchen or a public restroom for visitors on your premises, we have just the right product. Maybe you need them all? We have C-fold hand towels designed for high volume use, and diamond cloths ideal for heavy duty cleaning – so we can cater to every use you can think of. Talk to us today to get a great deal on your disposable towels.


All businesses want to save money wherever they can without compromising on the quality of their materials. That’s why you’ll love our range – great quality, with excellent durability and always cost effective.


Keeping your workplace clean, washing your hands repeatedly, wiping up spills, and generally keeping on top of mess is all part of your day’s work, which is why you need a paper towel that can help you stay hygienic all day long. Our disposable towels are perfect for that – no fuss and no mess, with superior drying and comfort as standard.

Environmentally responsible

Not only do hot air hand dryers make your workplace more unhygienic, they are also costly to run, with ongoing electricity and maintenance costs, not to mention contributing more to carbon emissions than using recycled paper towels.


Paper towels are used every day because they are quick, convenient and readily available. If you have time to clean wash cloths or hand towels repeatedly throughout the day then great, but for most businesses it’s just not a practical solution.


Paper towels might be one the bare necessities in the workplace, but that doesn’t mean one size fits all. We can provide everything from centrefeed rolls which incorporate both high absorption capacity and strength for competent everyday cleaning, to hand towels to diamond cloths with excellent absorbency and durability.

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