Easy head to toe protection with our Personal Protective Equipment


Protect yourself from head to toe with our disposable personal protective equipment range which covers every inch of you, and not only protects your clothes and person but prevents any cross-contamination between you and whatever substance you’re handing.

Find out more about our equipment, and how it will provide you with all the peace of mind you could need from head to toe.


Mob caps and forage caps are ideal for low risk environments like food preparation and catering industries. Our caps are double stitched for added strength and support, with latex-free edges to reduce the risk of any allergic reactions. Pop one of these on and safe in the knowledge that you’re at no risk from contamination. We also provide a range of hairnets, with excellent moisture transportation and wicking properties and most importantly, to prevent any contamination in the food preparation industries.


When they talk about rolling up your sleeves and getting down to it, they must have forgotten about the need to protect your arms and clothing in the process. Thankfully, our over sleeves are elasticated at both ends, so you can move your arm about as much as you need to in order to get the job done without worrying about them slipping out of place at the most inconvenient time. Normally paired with our disposable gloves for extra protection.


We’ve got a vast range of disposable gloves, suitable for every industry from food prep, to hospitals, to dentists to laboratories. We can cater for customers who need different sizes, different colours, different materials and of course alternatives for people who suffer from latex allergies.


Aprons & smocks are ideal for low risk jobs when you need to protect yourself and your clothes from splashes and spills. Take it up a notch with one of our visitor coats made from high quality non-woven polypropylene for superior protection against dirt and other non-hazardous materials.

Feet (and toes!)

You might think disposable shoe covers are just for the food or care industries, but there are so many uses for them, from estate agents wanting to inspect a new property without leaving a single speck of dirt from his shoes, to painting and decorating professionals who take every precaution when protecting their work space. Our disposable shoe covers will not only keep your feet protected, they are so handy as they are one size fits all, with elasticated edges and easily disposed of when you’re finished.

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