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They say that moving house is one of the most stressful endeavours to embark upon. Fortunately for us, we eat stress for breakfast.

Admittedly our move didn’t involve a cross country transit operation; rather a simple switch from unit 3 to the more generously spaced, unit 2. That’s not very ambitious, we hear you say. Well, we’ve become rather fond of our home town and the sturdy transit links it provides. At Regal, we know that if something isn’t broken, don’t try and fix it, though an upgrade here and there never hurt.

The decision to move was well calculated but ultimately a no-brainer. The lavish amounts of extra space to store more stock is an obvious bonus for us both. The larger our surplus, the more you can order. We’re chuffed to say that the days of the dreaded ‘out of stock’ warning are further behind us than ever before.

Our new premises is also blessed with sunken warehouse doors; a welcomed addition to our delivery team’s process, allowing for faster loading times of products, ensuring punctual delivery to your doorstep. When every minute counts, we’re sure to pull out all the stops to improve, without ever compromising the safety of your order.

As ever, we only adjust our service if we’re dead certain it’s for the better. Change can be scary, but it needn’t be with Regal. We’re sure you’ll be as satisfied as we are with our new home.

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