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Introducing a brand new addition to the Regal family; the Safetouch Vinyl Glove.

A new addition to any family brews excitement all round. The desire to spread the news to anyone who’ll listen is a natural response to such an occasion. Here at Regal, we have a bit of good news of our own to spread.

Boasting an allergy friendly, totally latex free construction; the Safetouch vinyl glove carries a bearded cuff and silky smooth finish that provides transparent comfort and unparalleled hygiene; making them perfect for use in both kitchens and on the ward.

Powdered with cornstarch, the Safetouch glove is GMO free, delivering a rock solid defence against allergy contamination.

Available too in an array of different colours, (red, yellow green and blue), that make themselves instantly at home in any colour-coded work environment.

Bearing an AQL 1.5 badge of honor and tested to food approval EC1935/2004, pricing begins from a single case, to ensure you get the quantity you need, whether it be one box or a full container.

We think you’ll love our new Safetouch vinyl gloves and they’re ready for instant delivery.

To find out more, call us today on 0151 423 0452 and speak to our on hand sales team.

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