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Today’s modern life takes you down familiar paths and roads unknown; our delivery service is no exemption to the rule either.

At Regal, we treat our products like royalty. And what better way to uphold that philosophy than to provide our products with a carriage fit for a king.

As you know, we recently had a makeover; a complete makeover to be precise. With our newly defined image comes a renewed sense of confidence and an urge to paint the town red. That’s why our Regal vans have been gifted with the same beauty treatment we’ve been so fortunate to receive, and are currently as we speak, flaunting their new look up and down the country.

We’ve mentioned previously how important upholding our appearance is; and we believe that when your next Regal delivery rolls up, you’ll be awash with that same sense of quality and value you’re so greatly accustomed to when browsing our website or chatting with us on the phone.

Whichever road life takes you down next, keep your eyes peeled for one of our vans. We’d love to hear your thoughts, so get in touch via social media.

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From ship to storeroom, it’s regal.