Pollution measures in China leave a vinyl glove shortage.

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In late 2016 the Chinese government enforced pollution regulations on factories throughout Northern China. As part of the restrictions a 45 day production ban was imposed on some of the worlds major vinyl production plants.

This is good news for the environment as China's pollution levels hit an all time high but unfortunately it results in a vinyl glove shortage for the UK market.

The temporary closure of these factories has caused a shortage of vinyl glove supplies into the global market. With a minimum of 170 production lines shut down in one area alone, this is estimated to be equivalent to around 1.7 million cases of disposable gloves.

How will you be affected?

Whilst factories may be gearing up to start producing again, it’s expected that operations will not be up to speed until late March 2017, at the earliest. With the recent loss of shipping giants like Hanjin it’s also clear to see that the shipping industry is also in choppy waters. This certainly means that short term prices are likely to rise.

Long term, all suppliers of vinyl gloves are expected to be affected. With pollution regulations only expected to escalate in China, the future of disposable vinyl production and affordability is unknown. By limiting production or changing to more sustainable and expensive manufacturing, the end result will potentially drive long-term prices of vinyl gloves even closer to the higher quality nitrile glove.

How can Regal help?

Our expert knowledge of the vinyl market means that we could take measures to make sure that our supply doesn’t run dry when you need it. We purchased stock before the issue hit our shores and we’ll keep you supplied until the tide turns.

Because we saw the problem early, we placed extra orders to make sure that our shelves are well stocked and ready for you when needed. Our UK market share of vinyl gloves has risen steadily and goes to show that Regal can be trusted when needed most.

We’re also introducing our very own Industrial Vinyl Glove range which will be available from mid March. You can call our friendly sales team on 0151 423 0452 to place and order or to arrange a sample of the new Industrial glove.

You can read more about the pollution crisis in China here:

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