Why you need to use disposable gloves for handling food


When it comes to keeping your hands clean, you can’t get a more convenient or cost effective solution than wearing latex or nitrile disposable gloves.

Whether it’s performance or comfort you need, our gloves can provide the very best in both, but there are other practical reasons for wearing gloves too, especially when you work in the catering sector. Here’s a few reasons why you need to use disposable gloves for handling food, and how we can help.

In order to maintain excellent hygiene and food safety standards, you need to keep certain food preparation equipment separate – for example different chopping boards, different utensils and of course different disposable gloves to avoid cross contamination and to keep the food preparation areas safe and germ free. As a general rule, the colour code is: red for raw meat, blue for raw fish, yellow for cooked meat, green for salad and vegetables, white for dairy products. Our nitrile gloves are available in three different colours to help you keep on top of the food hygiene regulations in place within your business, and this means you can just get on with things.

Wearing gloves while preparing food also has the added benefit of protecting the hands of the wearer – food preparation can be a messy business, and wearing gloves can help prevent staining hands, getting them greasy or oily, stopping them from becoming scented with highly fragranced foods or preventing food like chilli peppers causing irritation.

Life in the catering lane is pretty-fast paced – you only have to pop your head into a kitchen and glimpse the action to know that there’s no time to dawdle, so you need a super quick, super convenient solution when you can’t stop and wash your hands every 10 minutes. That’s why so many people love our disposable gloves – no fuss, no mess, just use them, then throw them away when you’re done.

Wearing latex gloves can be a nightmare for some people, as allergic reactions are quite common. To combat this, nitrile gloves are the perfect solution – comfortable to wear, durable, flexible and of course latex free. If in any doubt, we would recommend getting these for your staff rather than run the risk. In severe cases a latex allergic reaction can result in chest tightening and difficulties breathing.

Of course, it’s not just coloured gloves you need for catering – you need colour coded disposable aprons too, but thankfully we’ve got you covered there too (quite literally). Our disposable aprons are available in 5 colours, and give total peace of mind for catering industry professionals who need a high level of defence against spills, stains and splashes, and of course all the while keeping on top of those strict cross-contamination risks.

If you work in catering, we’ve got everything you’ll need to keep yourself, your team and your workplace clean. Just give us a call or email us. All our details can be found online.

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