Why your catering company needs our aprons


Aprons are an essential part of infection control and cross-contamination prevention, and in the catering industry they are a very common sight.

We offer a range of different disposable aprons, which are ideal for situations where there’s lots of mess and no time for washing up – simply throw away your apron when you’re done and get on with the rest of your day. Here’s a few reasons why your catering company needs our aprons, and why we think you’ll love them.

Keep your workers protected

Your staff won’t appreciate showing up to work pristine and leaving covered in whatever what on the menu that day, so keep them and their clothes protected from the contents of the kitchen with a quality, reliable disposable apron which offers high levels of protection from spills and splashes. Things like hot oil, grease, and foods that stain or smell will no longer be an issue, unlike with cloth aprons which need to be washed and re-washed to get rid of stubborn spillages.

Different levels of mess

There’s mess, and then there’s MESS. You need an appropriate solution to tackle whatever task you’re dealing with at the time – in some cases, a light apron will do the job and in other cases you’ll need a full body smock to protect you from the heavy duty chaos in front of you. We’ll provide you with the right equipment for the job, leaving you to get on with it, confident that you’re wearing all the protective covering you need.

Antibacterial properties

Preventing germs from contaminating food means effective handwashing techniques, covering up hair, cleaning surfaces thoroughly, and wearing protective clothing to prevent anything from being transferred to food. Food safety is critically important, and you can’t do a good job without the right materials – like our heavy duty antibacterial disposable polythene aprons are just the thing you need.

Quality guaranteed and super convenient

When only the best will do, you need a supplier you can rely on and our heavy duty deluxe aprons are certainly up to the job. In the catering industry there’s more than enough washing up to do, so don’t add to that list with aprons that need to be cleaned at the end of every day. A disposable one is super convenient, and you can tear it off and replace it with a new one as often as needed.

Different colours available

Making sure cross-contamination risks are kept to a minimum in the catering industry is made all the easier when you colour co-ordinate things like aprons, gloves and work stations. Make your life so much easier by choosing from our range of colour options – up to 5 choices for both flat aprons and our deluxe version.

Maintenance-free dispensers

Mount these dispensers on the wall for a quick and fuss-free storage and dispensing solution – no hassle, no wasted counter or drawer space and easy to replace when your roll of aprons is done. One less headache for you to worry about.

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