Disposable Aprons & Smocks

For those in the splash zone.

For us at Regal, the humble Apron evokes happy memories. We remember the smells of a hearty meal, as well as the labour and mess that went with it. Today, the Apron, with its splash protecting prowess, has wangled its way into all sorts of industries as an absolute essential in cross‐contamination protection. Below you’ll find aprons for everyday spills and splashes, as well as heavy duty varieties. Here too, you’ll find our selection of Smocks and Apron Dispensers.

Standard Aprons

Our range of Antibacterial Disposable Polythene Aprons ensure a high level of defence against spills and splashes, whilst reducing the risk of cross‐contamination. Suitable for most industries.

Deluxe Aprons

Our heavy duty, Antibacterial Disposable Polythene Aprons will deliver a high level of hygiene for many industries, whilst facilitating an effective infection control strategy against spills and splashes. Perfect for reducing the risk of cross‐contamination.


Our disposable Smocks are constructed of a polythene sheet that covers the entire body. Ideal for use in many environments and are suitable for contact with food.


Our hygienic Apron holders leave surfaces clean and clear, providing quick and convenient access to aprons. A long lasting and elegant dispensing solution. No maintenance required.

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