Deluxe Aprons (Flat Pack)

Thicker than our standard aprons, our Deluxe version is the perfect choice in a wide range of industries where you need a degree of extra protection from spills, germs and dirt.

A more robust material means more peace of mind, and it also gives you the opportunity to work without the physical restrictions caused by worrying about snagging or tearing your protective apron. These aprons are available in a variety of colours too, which helps reduce the risk of cross contamination in the workplace – one more way to improve safety for your staff, patients or customers.

We’ve even thought of your everyday convenience when it comes to dispensing, so these aprons come flat-packed in polybags of 10 x 100 per bag.

  • Designed for single use, these heavy duty aprons offer a high level of hygiene appropriate for many industries
  • Resistant to liquids for preventing fluid transfer, which makes them perfect for catering, cleaning, dentistry, first aid and medical procedures
  • Designed and manufactured to meet European Personal Protective Equipment Directive 89/686/EEC
  • CE category: Cat 1 Minimal Risks
  • Five colours available to minimise cross-contamination

Industry Favourites:

Our Deluxe SafeWear Aprons are an excellent choice for work in the following sectors:

  • Food processing industry
  • Care sectors
  • Hospitals, medical and healthcare
  • Cleanroom
  • Janitorial
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Contamination control

Order Information:

Case quantity:
Case breakdown:
10 x 100
Sizes available:
685 x 1,016mm
Colours available:
White, blue, red, yellow, green

Recycle Use Only Once CE Avoid Sunlight Keep Dry Store Under 50

Place your order on:

0151 423 0452

Reorder Information:
White - 20000020
Blue - 20000021
Red - 20000022
Yellow - 20000023
Green - 20000024

NB: Polythene products should not be exposed to temperatures above 50°C

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