Disposable Gloves

Who said you need to get your hands dirty?

Whether you have your fingers in the pie or you’re prepping for surgery, the need for hand protection is undisputable. Your hands are amazing and your most versatile limbs, so it’s only fitting that our gloves compliment that versatility too. One could say, they go hand in hand. Below you’ll find our entire range, made with performance and comfort in mind.

TPE Gloves  New

Our TPE gloves are a new player in the disposable glove industry. Thermoplastic Elastomer is a durable material offering a superb alternative to Vinyl Gloves.

Boxed in cases of 2,000 (10 boxes of 200).

Latex Gloves

Made from all natural rubber, the Latex Glove offers reliable, comfortable and cost effective hand protection. Their fit and versatility makes them suitable for use in a variety of sectors.

Boxed in cases of 1,000 (10 boxes of 100).

Nitrile Gloves

Manufactured using Nitrile Butadiene, the Nitrile Glove provides excellent performance and flexibility, making it a perfect choice for multiple workplace sectors. Best of all, they’re available in 3 different colours and Latex free as standard.

Boxed in cases of 1,000 (10 boxes of 100).

Vinyl Gloves

Formed from a synthetically derived polymer material, the Vinyl Glove offers enhanced protection. Commonly used in sectors such as healthcare and catering. They’re also Latex free, minimising the chances of allergic reactions.

Boxed in cases of 1,000 (10 boxes of 100).

Synthetic Vinyl Gloves

Crafted from a blend of polythene and synthetic polymers, the Synthetic Glove is designed to offer increased performance and be a more cost effective and economical alternative to Latex. A relatively new player in the market.

Boxed in cases of 1,000 (10 boxes of 100).

Polythene Gloves

Constructed from high grade polythene, rugged and perfect for short term processes.

Boxed in cases of 10,000 (100 inner packs of 100).

Rubber Gloves

These household gloves use natural rubber and provide excellent barrier protection, making them perfect for everyday low-risk household and janitorial tasks.

Boxed in cases of 144 (12 boxes of 12).

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