Polythene Sacks

Ready for duty, heavy or light.

Our Polythene Sacks operate a work ethic that’s not to be trifled with. Waste comes in different shapes and sizes, and with every variable comes a different set of challenges. That’s why we’re armed with a plethora of Polythene Sacks, each specifically trained for any cleanup mission that may arise.

Black Refuse Sacks

Ranging from light duty to heavy duty, we stock an array of liners to meet your every requirement.

Clear Refuse Sacks

We can supply bags in different sizes and thicknesses for different uses.

Coloured Refuse Sacks

Medium duty coloured sacks, designed for selective waste collection.


Heavier duty Compactor Sacks, for a stronger tear resistance.

Wheelie Bin Liners

Bin Liners designed to perfectly fit all types and sizes of wheelie bins.


Rubble sacks are ideal for those heavy duty jobs. Designed to cope with the toughest and heaviest of cleanups.

Tiger Sacks

Yellow Tiger Sacks with a black stripe. Ideal for waste not normally considered clinical waste but is still 'hygiene waste' that requires appropriate marking. Suitable for offices, childcare facilities, and shops.

Standard and Adult Nappy Sacks

Nappy bags that are ideal for use on the go, in the home and on holiday. The prescribed colour subtly disguises the content. Easy tie handles make them hygienic and convenient.

Extra Wide Refuse Sacks

An extra wide refuse sack.

Refuse Sacks on Rolls (RSOR)

A compact roll with easy tear off sacks.

Clinical Waste Sacks on a roll

Our clinical waste sacks are made for incineration purposes. Perfect for hospitals on wards, or in care homes where offensive and unhygienic waste requires special treatment by law, to prevent infections and cross-contamination.

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