Forage Caps

Our non-woven SafeWear Forage Caps are a stylish and lightweight cap that’s well suited to use in kitchens.

A popular product within the catering industry, these caps keep hair safely out of the way to help reduce the risk of contamination and to help the wearer perform their everyday work without the annoyance of dangling or obstructive hair.

Paper Forage hats like these are made from strong, crisp yet comfortable paper with perforated tissue crowns for extra ventilation. They are size adjustable, and come with either an adjustable or a self-adhesive closure.

  • Helps to prevent contamination of food or other products
  • Easy to use and comfortable to wear for long periods
  • Stylish appearance is suitable for areas of the workplace visible to customers
  • Available in plain white or white with blue stripes

Industry Favourites:

Our SafeWear Forage Caps are extremely versatile and an excellent choice for the following sectors and applications:

  • Food processing industry
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Forensics
  • Laboratories
  • Contamination control

Order Information:

Case quantity:
Case breakdown:
10 x 100
Sizes available:
One size fits all
Colours available:
White, blue

Recycle Use Only Once CE Avoid Sunlight Keep Dry Latex Free Store Under 50

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Reorder Information:
White - 65000052
Blue - 65000053

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