Hair Nets

Our SafeWear mesh hairnets offer a superb combination of comfort and performance – perfect for keeping staff happy and work environments healthy.

We use a 5mm mesh size and polypropylene construction to make a net that offers excellent moisture transportation and wicking properties, but which also keeps hair secure enough to provide great coverage.

A ‘lay flat’ double elastic headband spreads pressure evenly, helping to avoid indentation on the wearer’s skin and increase their all-day comfort. The net’s extra-close mesh extends to the medically sensitive area of the hairline, improving comfort and security even more.

  • Prevents contamination and cross contamination
  • Available as non-metal detectable and metal detectable
  • Different packaging options available (balled, round card)
  • One size fits all, for added ease of use
  • Even pressure distribution for all-day comfort
  • Excellent moisture management for use in all temperatures
  • Flame retardant mesh to BS EN ISO 1021-1:2006

Industry Favourites:

Our SafeWear hair nets are extremely versatile and an excellent choice for the following sectors and applications:

  • Food processing industry
  • Catering
  • Cleanroom
  • Laboratories
  • Contamination control

Order Information:

Case quantity:
Case breakdown:
40 x 100
Sizes available:
One size fits all
Colours available:
Blue, red

Recycle Use Only Once CE Avoid Sunlight Keep Dry Latex Free Store Under 50

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0151 423 0452

Reorder Information:
Blue - 65000037
Red - 65000036

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