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There was a time when superior quality was reserved for but a privileged few.

Royalty and the wealthy kept their spoils far from our grasp. However, we at Regal believe that access to quality is your birthright, and better still, should be available to you at a price that’s fair. We keep an ear to the ground at all times to remain competitively priced, but, we always keep two hands on the wheel so that our product’s integrity, never strays from the path.

Below, you’ll find links to our offerings that we display to you with the utmost of pride. Consider it, if you will, our treasure, and we’re eager to share.

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From polythene to latex; cost effective and comfortable. Who said you need to get your hands dirty?

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Soluble Laundry Products

For the safe transportation of infected linen. Fully soluble laundry bags, there when you need them, gone when you don’t.

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Aprons & Smocks

Disposable anti‐bacterial Aprons and Smocks that shield from spills and splashes. Fashion conscious too.

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Personal Protective Equipment. For those on the front lines. Suit up with overshoes, sleeves, caps and more.

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Polythene Sacks

Ready for any duty. Featherweight or heavyweight. Polythene Sacks for the grubbiest of jobs.

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Bin Liners

Perfect for throwing away. Tough, hygienic and adaptable. Our Bin Liners are available in every shape and size.

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Suitable for any smear and smudge. Stops bad bacteria in its tracks.

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Cost effective, tough and kind on the skin? We have every end covered.

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Bespoke Items

Tailor made and built to fit. For when you need something a little more, unique.

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