Regal touchdown with Burtonwood Bridge

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Sport is a universal language. There’s something for everyone, whether it be football, athletics, tennis or video games; the passions shared by the fans break all borders and language barriers to unite people for a (friendly) competition.

From the big leagues to the Sunday leagues, supporting those who compete for our entertainment is paramount to the sport’s survival.

Here at Regal, we love our rugby. The determination and strength of the players are qualities that inspire us, making us strive to translate those ethics into the work we do. As well as rugby, we love our hometown, and what better way to combine our passions than to sponsor our local rugby team, Burtonwood Bridge ARLFC.

Local rugby is close to our heart, with a member of team Regal being an ex-pro; elevating our partnership above and beyond a simple sponsor. It’s personal.

Take a trip pitch side and you’ll see our logo printed on the shirts of the players. We hope that our crest on their shirt inspires confidence in Burtonwood Bridge the same way they inspire us day to day. If you have a chance over lunch, head over to their website and show some love to those who keep our passions lit.

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