Pollution measures in China leave a vinyl glove shortage, updated.

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Earlier this year we wrote about enforced pollution regulations on factories throughout Northern China. Specifically how the sanctions were going to effect the cost and availability of vinyl products.

It was indicated at the time, that measures which saw factories close their doors, would be in place for no longer than 45 days. During this time our range of vinyl gloves remained well stocked.

Unfortunately, it seems the tides haven’t yet turned. In an attempt to battle the winter smog, the Ministry of Environmental Protection are set to target Beijing and Tianjin, along with 26 other cities in the smog-prone provinces, with yet more measures. These measures will effect vinyl glove production in the region and sanctions look unlikely to be lifted until at least March 2018.

How will you be affected?

Here at Regal we have our ears close to the ground and will make every effort to keep the supply of gloves at a good level. The situation in Northern China is out of our hands and we envisage that - at times - supplies across the UK will become critically low. As a market leader, we’re in a very strong position and are confident that our shelves will remain fully stocked.

If you can’t afford to be left without, call our friendly sales team on 0151 423 0452 to discuss how Regal can keep you covered.

You can read more about the pollution crisis in China here:

“China vows big winter air pollution cuts in northern cities”

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