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What is it that deems someone trustworthy? Is it the kindness of their eyes, or does it stem from tried and tested loyalty? Perhaps it’s both.

Here at Regal, we make big promises; promises we rarely fail to deliver. We know your business means the world to you, and we mean it when we say it means the world to us too. That’s why we thought it was time for a online makeover; to help that finely tuned sixth sense of yours make a wiser informed decision.

Clicking through our website, you may notice that we look a little different. We believed our bark didn’t reflect our bite, so we overhauled our image, catalogue and website to bring us into 2016 with a bang. Gone are the days of painful navigation between products, along with our sheepish personality.

If you’ve dealt with us before, we hope that you’ll find our new style fitting of the service you’ve come to know and love. And if you’re new to Regal, we hope it inspires confidence in you to trust the confidence we have in ourselves. As ever, the answer to your query is a simple phone call away.

Although they say, never judge a book by its cover; it sure does help to make you turn over the page.

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