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Our recent rebrand is a poorly kept secret; because after all, what’s the use in a rebrand if nobody sees it? We’re really chuffed with our new look, but like any transformation in life, we didn’t go it alone.

We’re seriously stoked to announce our collaboration with true9; a cutting edge design and development studio who were critical in making our makeover a success. They’re a pretty nimble bunch that instantly integrated with our way of working.

They’ve held a hand out every step of the way for reactionary guidance but more importantly, they were proactive when we didn’t know we needed it most. From the small jobs to the large ones, true9 always offered their two cents; bringing to the table a creative flare and vision for us that fit like a glove.

Here at Regal, we value relationships and we’re not ones to let a good thing go; which is why the work between true9 and ourselves has only just begun. They’ve been instrumental in helping us choose the right path when we reached a fork in the road, redesigning our website and logo to name but a few. It only seems right - with their understanding of our business and your needs as our customers - that we involve them on a much deeper level.

We don’t want to ruin the surprise, but we don’t want you too tense either so we’re writing today to let you know we have much more planned and in the pipeline. True9 are currently designing product packaging to tighten up our warehouse and delivery process, and there’s a riveting online project to come too.

All in all, it’s safe to say that the house of Regal is buzzing with excitement that hopefully you are feeling too. We ask that you join us in raising a glass to our new partners.

Everybody please give a warm welcome, to true9.

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