Piping Bags

Our 18” Piping Bag isn’t just an economical option that saves you money: it’s also wonderfully easy to use and more hygienic than using a traditional cloth bag.

The 18” length is an optimal size for tying at the top and also having ample room for working without mess. A 75-micron fabric helps eliminate spillages and also ensures everything fits in easily and neatly.

  • 75 micron hygienic and synthetic material
  • Food safe to meet industry standards
  • Large case quantity for better cost efficiency
  • Disposable and food safe
  • Reduces microbiological risk compared to it’s fabric alternative

Industry Favourites:

Our Piping Bags are extremely versatile and an excellent choice for the following sectors and applications:

  • Food processing industry
  • Catering/kitchens
  • Schools and colleges
  • Hospitals and care homes
  • Cruise ships

Order Information:

Case quantity:
Case breakdown:
5 x 100
Sizes available:
218mm x 457mm
Colours available:

CE0086 Recycle Use Only Once Avoid Sunlight Keep Dry Store Under 50 Food Safe

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0151 423 0452

Reorder Information:
Blue Piping Bags - 61600002

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